Have you ever wondered...
why life seems to flow smoother for some people?

Hello. My name is Annette Austen and I’d like to introduce you to the answer. An answer that lies deep within some very ancient Chinese wisdom and philosophy.

Chinese philosophy teaches us that our environment has a huge role in our destiny.  For centuries they have studied the effect of it on humans. Feng Shui is the analysis of these forms and formulas.

There are three factors that influence our destiny:

1/3 is what you are born with

Everyone has an energetic blueprint set by the date and time of their birth that determines their Destiny. This shows your potential and your weaknesses. A BaZi Reading gives you an advantage in life helping you to break free of cycles and move when the energy flow matches your personal energy.  By understanding your BaZi you’ll have an advantage in life helping you break free of cycles and act when the energy flow best supports your birth chart.

1/3 is your personal choices

Ancient Chinese masters discovered that all life cycles thru patterns in 10 year cycles of energy. They saw how the patterns of ups and downs one is experiencing during a lifetime is determined by one’s actions. When you know your pattern, you know when to act and when to sit still. The cycles are like life lessons which can help you foster growth or illness.

1/3 is the environment you live in  

The physical and energetic aspect of our surroundings have a profound effect on us. The physical and the energetic aspect of our surroundings – like the mountains, rivers, location and direction — all affect the quality of our lives.

Curious to see how ancient Chinese wisdom can help you?

Denise Hamilton

Home Owner

Compassionate and caring, Annette has a true passion for Feng Shui. She has integrity and is quick to find a solution to whatever arises.

Dave Johnson

Commercial Appraiser

My space has a profound effect on how I feel, and Annette has given me many great ideas that I’m very pleased with. Since our first consult in 2011, Feng Shui has changed my life for the better. She has a talent for being able to teach this ancient knowledge in a clear and practical way.

Lori Castillo-Close

Office Manager

Using Annette’s services was an excellent choice. She has an energetic and joyful attitude, and was patient with our questions and concerns. Her approach to Feng Shui has definitely changed our lives, and is something we will do year after year to keep us balanced.

Lori Otway

Marketing Representative

Annette’s Feng Shui insights helped me with space planning, furniture placement, and a naturalistic color scheme. Since these few changes I’ve been experiencing new, positive shifts in my life. Thank you Annette for helping me create my own oasis!

Lisa Sedlic


We had Annette consult with us on our home, and after following her recommendations we soon experienced the major shifts we were hoping for, generating even more business success! I recommend her to anyone looking to make positive shifts in their lives.

Shawn Tetlock

Transit Bus Operator

Annette is friendly, professional, and detailed in her explanations. After my in-home consultation she gave me suggestions on how to improve my space, including placement of furniture and colours. I could feel the changes immediately! I highly recommend her services.

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